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On Wednesday 21st July, Junction Point arranged a photoshoot ahead of our website relaunch, and it was quite an experience for a number of reasons…

First of all, it was an incredibly hot day with temperatures reaching up to 25°C. All in attendance had to bear this stifling heat whilst indoors, preparing and posing for photographs. Thankfully, we were well-equipped with refreshments!

It was first time the entire team at Junction Point officially came together in-person (after lockdown restrictions were eased). After working remotely for so long, it was a welcome change to rendezvous with everyone in such a friendly setting.

This is also the reason why we opted to take staged photographs – Junction Point has been conducting workshops online throughout the pandemic, and we didn’t want to rain on anyone’s parade (or workshop, in this case) with a camera lens*. Staging the photoshoot granted us more flexibility – and I think this contributed to the relaxed atmosphere too. We were able to immerse ourselves in discussion and activities despite the shuttering of the camera.

All in all, it was a successful shoot and exciting opportunity! Although, I’m sure everyone was relieved to escape into the Summer heat. A big thank you to everyone for their patience and attendance.

Our photoshoot took place at the lovely John Buddle Work Village. Thanks to Reviving the Heart of the West End, who kindly allowed us to take over the building for a couple of hours. The conference rooms and reception made for fantastic backdrops in our images.

Ah, but it isn’t only the Junction Point team you’ll spy in these photographs. NE14.TV’s Bessie generously provided extras to star in our photoshoot and they were naturals! Following prompts and smoothly switching places between shoots, the extras accommodated us nicely.

Though, the entire shoot wouldn’t have been possible without our photographer, Martin from Media Borne, who was fantastic at directing everyone to achieve optimum compositions. Many of the photographs you see featured on our website we taken by him!

* We aim to capture live photographs once we’re back to running in-person workshops.

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