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Introduction to the Third Sector
What is the third sector and what are purpose-led businesses? You'll explore business structures to consider.
An introduction to Dan Erasmus who will be sending out the psychometric tests and reviewing the outcomes with you. As part of the Passion to Paycheque programme, you will undertake a personality-based psychometric test, which will help to identify your strengths and areas for development, to help make your passion a reality.
Unsure of what you want to create? Haven't got an idea to hand? Join this module to find your passion! You'll explore how to find business opportunities and how to best address the challenges in your community
Testing Assumptions & Creating a Value Proposition
This module will help you learn how to ask the hard questions and also - how to ask questions in the right way! In order to test our assumptions, we need to be able to talk to our customers and this requires... you guessed, asking questions! You'll learn the difference between good and bad data and how to listen more and talk less. We'll also dive into how to create a good value proposition. In a nutshell, you'll be able to create a clear statement about your business that will offer three things: 1. Relevancy 2. Value 3. Differentiation
Pitching Your Passion
No matter if you speaking to a customer, a friend or even a billionaire investor, you need to be able to explain your business idea clearly and with passion! Learn top tips on how to create a short 60 sec pitch that will help you to share your ideas and vision.
Business Model Canvas
You have tested your assumptions and validated your ideas and value proposition. Now, You will created a strategic management template & develop your basic business model.
Failing Fast & Overcoming the Fear of Failure
Failure is a part of any journey, and none more so than the journey of an entrepreneur. But learning to fail fast and how to overcome the emotions that are tied to failure can be difficult! In this module, you'll learn tricks of the trade for learning from mistakes in a quick, cost-effective way as well as how to mental overcome the fear of failure
One to One Coaching
You can book in 2 hours of one to one coaching. This can be done with a calendar link in 30 min and 1 hour slots and choose from meeting in person or over zoom.
Fireside Chats
Listen to the journeys of others that have started up!
Passion to Paycheque
About Lesson

It is imperative to the success of your third sector organisation that you select the appropriate legal structure to suit your business model. This guide will discuss the typical legal structures found in the third sector and the key things to take into consideration when deciding which legal structure to adopt.

Note: You do not need to be worried about picking your structure at this time! There is no rush to register your organisation and you can also change your structure later down the line. This is just to give you a few things to consider for when you are ready to choose your legal structure. 

Key Considerations

Not-for-profit organisations choose a legal structure based on a variety of factors, including:

  • How the organisation will be funded;
  • Whether any profits will be distributed;
  • Whether the organisation will be controlled by voting members;
  • Whether the organisation will be charitable;
  • Whether the organisation will be incorporated to restrict liability.
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