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Junction Point Photoshoot

On Wednesday 21st July, Junction Point arranged a photoshoot ahead of our website relaunch, and it was quite an experience for a number of reasons... First of all, it was…
Lois Armstrong
July 28, 2021

Research & Coms Officer Opportunity

We’re really excited to be starting 2021 with a fantastic opportunity for someone to join our team through the Government’s KickStart Scheme. The Research and Communications Officer post is a…
Kate Duffy
January 3, 2021

Exciting News!

Not all socially motivated companies are not-for-profits. As such, we’ve widened our service provision to support businesses with a mission. We offer support in accessing funds and evaluating impact. Specifically…
Kate Duffy
September 13, 2020

Where has £750 million gone?

In April, the UK government announced £750,000,000 worth of funding for charities across the country to ensure they could continue their vital work through the coronavirus pandemic. With in-person fundraising…
Kate Duffy
June 28, 2020


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