Instead of googling or guessing, talk to an expert

Sometimes we just need to talk to someone! That’s why we offer our 30 minute or 1 hour discovery calls. This is an opportunity to pick our brains, troubleshoot problems, discuss strategies and ideas… all within the safety of a ringfenced time slot. Feedback from these sessions include:

“I cannot believe how productive that 30 minute call was! Totally worth the money, what would have taken me a week googling took me 30 minutes with Kate.”

“Our half-hour consultation with Kate was really useful. We were unclear about the best corporate structure for our charitable organisation and Kate was able to give a clear insight into the different options such as CIOs, CICs and registered charities and provide guidance on how we should proceed. Kate was clearly knowledgeable and it has given us comfort that we have chosen the right structure for now. I would definitely recommend using the Junction Point”