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Charity consultants who help you to make a real difference | Junction Point 


Taking your first steps as a non-profit organisation can be nerve-wracking. Our expert Charity consultants at Junction Point are here to ensure that those steps are made with unwavering confidence. From start to finish, we support individuals and businesses who prioritise innovation. They aim to make positive change in their own unique ways. Empowerment is our focus. As your dedicated Charity consultants our mission is to support and motivate you throughout your evolution. During the following discussion, we will be outlining why Junction Point should be an integral part of your support system.


  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Why choose Junction Point?




Each of the Junction Point services have been carefully crafted and developed. It comes as a result of our own experiences working with and for our community. For us, we truly value co-operative and collaborative learning. It allows both ourselves and our clients can realise our full potential. Additionally, the expert Charity consultants we work with, use their vast industry knowledge to make sure that your non-profit is diverse and inclusive. This means that we take your needs into consideration. We make sure to facilitate growth in a way that best serves your ideal vision. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We combine our expertise with yours in order to reach a common goal: operational excellence and longevity. 




Continuing on from our focus on extended development, we believe that in order to fulfill our roles as Charity consultants we must remain creative. This commitment to creativity stems from the fact that one size does not fit all, especially when dealing with non-profit organisations/individuals who are trying to promote positive change. Respect and authenticity are important to us, and so we go that extra mile to ensure that the unique needs of our clients are actively met (and on a continual basis).




Thinking outside of the box is our forté here at Junction Point. And while being open to change is the first hurdle, it is the way in which our Charity consultants listen, learn and motivate which wins the race. We are proud of our never-ending curiosity, as it teaches to value every aspect of the non-profit sector as well as those working hard within it. And while we may not know everything, we do everything in our power to make informed decisions and work out which course of action is best for you.


Why choose Junction Point?


While you are looking to make a difference, our Charity consultants are aiming to make the non-profit sector different for you. A sector which is easier to navigate, with a community of support that offers targeted solutions and tailor-made advice. The Junction Point team is made up of individuals that are leaders in their field. We simply want to help you on your way to becoming a leader on your own.


Whether you are starting from scratch or just needing an extra set of eyes and ears on your operation. Junction Point is here to help.


Our fantastic team of experts are only a phone call away, so if you want to get in touch either call us on 0191 820 0170, email us at or visit us here

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